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Production Assistant


We are seeking an assistant to support In Print Art Book Fair’s Production Coordinator to execute details of the event. This individual should be self-motivated and organized, and be able to take direction well. Your main duties will include assisting with production tasks, running errands and ensuring IPABF participants have everything they need during the week of the event.

Overview of tasks

Pre-fair tasks

  • Sit in on 2-3 production meetings before the event (Exact dates TBD), we will review the following in the meetings:

  • IPABF map and schedule for 2023

  • Equipment list and production needs

  • Production week schedule and fair timeline

Fair week duties (Jan 8-13, 2022)

  • Assistance with coordinating event set up:

  • Work directly with the Event Coordinator, assisting with errands, phone calls with vendors and participants, and support with anything needed during the days of production.

  • Artist Talks: Be in contact with artists giving talks, ensure the artists have a presentation prepared, gather all presentations as PDF and save on drive.

  • Assistance putting together artists’ “welcome kits”: print materials, stamp folder, organize name tags.

  • Managing artist talks and book launches:

  • The event manager will request materials and equipment in advance from the Hansen House.

  • On the days of the event, you will be responsible for setting up the equipment for artist talks, book launches and other IPABF events including: sound, microphones, chairs, tables, projector, lighting etc. The Event Assistant will set up the lecture hall.

  • IPABF will provide contact details and program scheduling as the event approaches.

  • Make sure artists have what they need: water, enough chairs, correct lighting, presentation set up, ectc.

  • Ensuring smooth experience for artists during IPABF arrival and throughout the event:

  • Help artists find and set up booths (show them to their tables and be there if they have questions, need to find equipment, etc.)

  • Provide every artist a welcome kit

  • Make sure all events are well attended and running on time

  • Announce the event to visitors

  • Ensure that speakers finish on time

  • Check in on artists / act as their contact for anything needed during the fair (reasonable requests, we don’t expect you to bring them lunch)

Approximate working hours during the fair:

  • Sunday: 9:00-23:00

  • Monday: 9:00-23:00

  • Tuesday: 9:00-23:00

  • Wednesday 15:00-23:00

  • Thursday 14:00-23:00

  • Friday 9:00-16:00


Please email for further details.

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